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    Genova, IT

Central family apartment in Genoa 010025-LT-0034

  • Apartment
  • 6 guests
  • 0 bedroom
  • Shared Bathroom


Apartment suitable for a family or a group of traveling friends. In the city center, a few steps from the P.Principe train station, two minutes by bus and subway and underground, 10 minutes from the Expo where the Aquarium is located. It is our home and we give it up when we go on vacation, so it is fully equipped to stay health

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Accomodation details

  • Hairdryer
  • Heating
  • Washer

Cancellation policy


> If the guest cancels more than 7 day(s) before the start of the booking, s/he is reimbursed

> If the guest cancels less than 7 day(s) before the start of the booking , s/he is reimbursed 50 % of the amount paid

Check-in and Rules

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About the Host

host-img Nirmala Rosseti
Nirmala Rosseti
Host lives in the same building

Member since10/07/2019



We are two doctors with 2 children (6 and 9 years old) living and working in Genova since 10 years ago. We love travelling and we let our house when we're away from home. It's a very central apartment and fully equipped for a family

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  • Rental service (3 NIGHT) EUR 180
  • Cleaning fees EUR 0


  • Platform Fee EUR 13.5
  • Amount donated to project EUR 13.5
  • Total to be paid EUR 207
6 guests maximum.
Price per night extra guest above 6 guests: EUR 0