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    València, ES

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A cozy room, with the ancient roof rehabilated and a private bathroom, in a fantastic house in the middle of the historical centre of Cabanyal, the more vivid district in town. Is not just a place to sleep, is a place to stay because our building is goint to be a new space for the barrio and for theis hosts. The house is a newly renovated two-storey building, in the historic center of Cabanyal, in a neighborhood full of life, right next to the sea. The house has been rehabilitated recovering the wooden doors, the original beams and the typical old floor and mixing them with new materials. It is a place that will be much more than a stay for a few days, it will be a place from where you will experience the true neighborhood and the real Valencia. The space is really a social and cultural proyect connected with the art and involved in the rehabilitacion of the district.



Accomodation details

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> If the guest cancels more than 7 day(s) before the start of the booking, s/he is reimbursed

> If the guest cancels less than 7 day(s) before the start of the booking , s/he is reimbursed 50 % of the amount paid

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About the Host

host-img Paolo Cammarano
Paolo Cammarano
Host lives in the same building

Member since04/07/2019

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I am a creative person who has always worked in the audiovisual sector and who now has a cultural project in development in Valencia, where I lived four years ago. I have been born and lived most of my life in Italy and now I am changing life, well I have already changed a lot

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  • Rental service (1 NIGHT) EUR 90
  • Cleaning fees EUR 0


  • Platform Fee EUR 6.75
  • Amount donated to project EUR 6.75
  • Total to be paid EUR 103.5
2 guests maximum.
Price per night extra guest above 2 guests: EUR 0