A common path in the Terre di Nava

2 Global project


The project  A common path in the Terre di Nava, promoted by the Community-based Cooperative Terre di Nava, aims to create a nature trail in the alpine colony of Col di Nava in the Municipality of Pornassio, located 900 meters above the sea on the border between Liguria and Piedmont, famous for the production of lavender and honey. The equipped track will be open to the whole community and to all hikers, but the goal is to make the experience accessible even for people who often find it difficult to have direct contact with nature and the feeling of well-being and freedom that this can give. For this reason, an important part of the crowdfunding is intended for the purchase of a trekking wheelchair and the creation of information panels in Braille.The nature trail will consist of a ring-shaped path, which can be easily covered in about an hour; during the journey it will be possible to immerse yourself in the colors and scents of lavender, learn about plants and aromas, rediscover contact with nature and sensory experiences in the woods.