LabMed: a cultural laboratory for the historic center

1 Global project


LabMed is located in Vico del Fornaro, in the heart of the historical district of La Maddalena, one of the areas of the Ligurian capital most exposed to social and urban changes. The young people, of the association Nuovi Profili who manage the space, weekly offer theater courses; Italian, Arabic, Chinese, English, Spanish language courses and much more. LabMed organizes concerts, book presentations, conferences, projections, art and photography exhibitions, readings and lectures, all either free or affordably priced. Often, the events are proposed directly by local inhabitants. The space is also home to the Mu.Vi.Sono (Live Museum of Sound Objects), a didactic path aimed at retracing the history of the relationship between man and sound through hundreds of musical instruments. The premises are used to build handmade instruments, in particular drums of the Italian tradition, with seminars held once a month!